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Why Stainless Steel Cages?

Why does one want or purchase a stainless steel bird cage for their parrots and birds.

Stainless steel has properties that make the material great for bird cages. One thing that is most noted that the stainless material is resistant to rust.

Where most bird cages that are powder coated or painted seem to to not last very long due to the care and cleaning needed on a daily basis.

This cleaning will cause most bird cages to rust over a period of time, And also birds can peel and strip the coating off. In some cases this paint coating is toxic if ingested . Stainless steel has no coating and is totally non toxic to birds. Stainless steel bird cages will out last any other type coated  cages in the long term. When purchasing stainless steel bird cages one must remeber that all are not created equal. Many imported cages are inferior these days and most ALL bird cages are imported, Very few even if there are any company manufacturing in the usa still have to purchase the materials to build them, And almost ALL stainless steel material comes from india and china. Its just the way it is. So even if the company boasts they are USA made, You are only paying for american high overpriced labor, the materials and in many cases the prefab components still come from china, therefore its a china cage, Featherland cages are manufactured by an american company CAITEC based in Maryland, USA,They own their own factories and have complete control over quality and materials. However as most all companies in the USA many products and materials are manufactured and sourced overseas. Featherland cages only are made from the highest grade materials available. Featherland bird cages are manufactured from high grade 304 surgical grade material, the same used in USA hospitals. Featherland cages have high mirror polished finish.

Featherland cages are reasonable priced compared to other stainless steel bird cages available.

Do your self and your birds a favor, Choose a bird home that has a track record for durability and long term approval from many avian clubs and bird owners. SAFE, COST, QUALITY


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